We are looking for members who sympathize with our vision and bring technology to the world together.
If you are interested, please send your resume / CV to the email address below and apply.

Personnel personnel: hr※
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Recruiting positions

  • Product manager

    • Main business contents
      With the launch of the first product currently under development, we will obtain market feedback to lead to product improvement and sales promotion, and we will establish a high-end prosthesis PMF such as planning for the next product development in the medium to long term. You will lead the process towards.
    • Prerequisite
      • - Aiming for product planning / product management in new categories of products, especially in the hardware area.
      • - Experience at a level close to that of a manager / Marketing work experience in the Chinese market (preferably speaking Chinese)
    • Welcome conditions
      (It is desirable that one or more are applicable)
      • - Experience in product planning, marketing and product management for hardware products, medical equipment, welfare equipment, and products that are expanding globally.
      • - Knowledge about after-sales service (business that provides high UX as a high-priced, high-end product)
      • - Start-ups or similar experience (starting new departments, overseas branch offices, etc.)
    • Work location
      Our office: Room 203, Entrepreneur Plaza, University of Tokyo, 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
    • Salary
      Consultation according to skill / experience (stock option system available)


Powering Mobility for All


We aim to be a mobility company that provides solutions and related services that allow people to move smarter and easier anywhere.


We will continue to provide what users need. Value "knowing the user". Continue to challenge to exceed user expectations.


Abandon, accept, respect, and acknowledge stereotypes. It makes a difference, creates a business, builds a company.


Set the right goals. Always go back and continue without blurring what the purpose is. Think about the best balance, concentration and choice for your goals.


Move spontaneously and lead the team. Do your best to innovate.


Both self and others are sincere. Don't run away, don't cheat, don't disappoint. Trust is an important asset.

How to work at BionicM