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We aim to be a mobility company that provides solutions and related services that allow people to move smarter and easier anywhere.


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CEO Message

I had my right leg amputated at the age of 9 due to illness.
In China, where I lived at that time, the welfare system was not well-developed, and I couldn't get a prosthesis and lived on crutches for 15 years.
When I came to Japan using the exchange program, I still remember clearly that I wore the prosthesis for the first time, and the hands that had been restrained by the crutches were released, and I strongly felt the gratitude of the prosthesis.

The prosthesis has undergone various evolutions so far, but I think there is still a lot of room for development in terms of power-driven operation support.
I have been researching prostheses while applying bipedal walking robot technology at the University of Tokyo, and have been developing this powered prosthesis.
Just as I put on a prosthesis and changed my life, I would like to contribute to greatly improving the lives of prosthesis users by delivering powered prostheses to the world.

From my own experience, I think mobility is just as important as eating. I myself changed from crutches to artificial legs and my activity level improved. Human mobility has expanded because various technologies such as cars, trains, and airplanes have been put into practical use.
However, with many vulnerable people currently restricted from moving, I am always wondering, "What do we need to be able to move smarter?"
We would like to utilize and expand our cyborg technology to create such a device that can expand the mobility of all people, including people with disabilities and the elderly.
I would like to realize the mission of bringing power to the mobility of all people.

CEO Xiaojun Sun

Innovation in mobility

Until now, humankind has brought about various innovations in mobility.
Bicycles, cars, trains, ships, planes, rockets and many other technologies make the impossible possible and bring new freedoms in mobility.

Mobility innovation is not limited to vehicles. Shoes and escalators, which are commonplace in everyday life, have greatly improved people's mobility as innovations.

BionicM will bring about new innovations in mobility by utilizing the technology that fuses robot technology and human body.
It aims not only to develop artificial legs, but also to create technologies and devices that bring power to the mobility of healthy people.

The technology that should be in the place that should be

In the olden days, people with poor eyesight felt inconvenient in their lives and were regarded by others as ill. However, in modern times, eyeglasses are easily available, contact lenses are born, LASIK technology is born, and the number of people who feel impaired in their eyesight is decreasing. Moreover, some people even use eyeglasses as a fashion regardless of their eyesight.

When people feel inconvenienced about something, BionicM thinks that the problem isn't with them, but that the technology they should be isn't there. People who have amputated legs feel inconvenienced in their lives not because they have problems with their own amputated legs, but because they do not have the technology of high-performance prostheses that can live without stress.

BionicM aims to solve various problems in the world by providing the technology that should be in the place where it should be.

Origin of the Team Name

BionicM's "M" has two meanings, Mobility and Man. By fusing robot technology and the human body, we aim to lead the development of mobility for all people, including healthy people, not just the artificial legs that we use as our core technology.