Board Member

  • Xiaojun Sun
    Previous job: The University of Tokyo (Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology)

    He amputated his right leg at the age of 9, but for financial reasons he could not use his prosthesis and lived on crutches for 15 years. In 2009, he came to Japan as an exchange student at Tohoku University. After that, he put on the prosthesis for the first time in Japan using the prosthesis subsidy system. Joined Sony in 2013 after completing a master's degree at the University of Tokyo. As an engineer, he has experience in product development and mass production processes. He entered the doctoral program at the University of Tokyo Graduate School and engaged in research on robotic prostheses. In 2018, he started BionicM Co., Ltd. to commercialize his doctoral research.

  • Teppei Sekiguchi
    Previous job: The P&G Japan Limited

    When he was a student, he started a business in an inbound business targeting wealthy people in East Asia, and then joined P&G, where he was in charge of improving the production process of consumer goods and managing the mass production of new products. After that, he moved to the Singapore Asia Headquarters and engaged in the formulation of medium- to long-term supply chain plans for the APAC region. He met his grandson when he was a student, sympathized with the commercialization, and decided to participate in BionicM.

  • Keisuke Ide
    Outside director
    Incumbent: The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners Co., Ltd.