Recognizes the user's posture and movement, and assists the movement accurately with the power of the artificial leg.

A new powered prosthesis that exerts its power and assists the user's movements.
Bio Leg supports more natural movements and active activities by replacing the muscle strength lost due to cutting with the power of the prosthesis.

  • Supports various movements of the day
    A single charge covers common daily activities of the day.
    * Depends on the usage environment, etc.
  • Sensor analyzes user's movement
    Multiple sensors installed analyze the user's movements and respond instantly to detailed movements.
  • Adjustable with a dedicated app
    You can use the dedicated app to adjust the amount of assist and check the battery level.
  • Product Name
    Robotic Prosthetic Leg
  • Model Name
  • Name
    Bio Leg
  • Size
    Overall length: 283.0mm
    Overall length (effective dimension): 253.5mm
    To the exterior cover (bottom) (M): 357.5mm
    To the exterior cover (bottom) (L): 412.0 mm
    Width: 111.0mm
  • Weight
  • Weight Limit
    Up to 100kg
  • Maximum Bending Angle
  • Operating Temperature
    0℃ - 40℃
  • Internal Power Supply
    Lithium ion battery
  • Rechargeable Product Temperature
    0℃ - 40℃
    * It is recommended to charge at 10℃ - 40℃

* Please note that some specifications may be changed without notice in order to improve the performance of the product.

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